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Recognition of prior learning

i) Recognition of prior learning is a very important associated function of the National Skill Qualification Framework, especially in the Indian context where majority of the workforce has not received formal training. The NSQF will help individuals who have gained learning informally, such as through life, work and voluntary activities to have this learning recognized. This will include knowledge and skill gained:

  • Outside of formal learning situation;
  • Through informal learning and training in the workplace, the community and/or the voluntary sector;
  • From continuing professional development activities;
  • Form independent learning

ii) RPL will give an option for personal or career development or to gain credit towards other qualifications or learning programs to learners who have the skills but no certificate to prove it. It will help learners make clearer connections between the learning they have already achieved and future and/or career opportunities. Benchmarking an individual’s learning against the NSQF level descriptors will help them to identify the appropriate level of options for progression. This will improve career progression and skill upgradation of learners as well as facilitate the engagement of the experienced practitioners as resource persons.
iii) At present, the Modular Employable Skills (MES) scheme under the Ministry of Labour and Employment has a component of RPL, wherein direct testing and assessment of skills may be done.