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World Education Mission

Our Mission

What is Our Mission?

  • To establish schools, colleges and institutions for the benefits of the society and to seek recognition/ affiliation from government or its accrediting bodies or units.
  • To establish and maintain the skill development and career advising centers acting as a single point of contact for providing the students, counselling and consultation on their academic and career issues.
  • Reduce unemployment in developing countries by assisting the government and public institution in the initiation of professional and job oriented courses and also by introducing a holistic approach for implementation of the entrepreneurship programme for self-employment.
  • To provide educational and consultancy support for woman’s educational attainment by designing special, formal as well as informal educational package for the empowerment of women.
  • To help the countries in diagnosing the societal needs and requirements in order to define the basic level of learning to meet the educational needs of its own population.
  • To help analyze the national background, financial constraints, current educational efforts and present conditions of societal development in a country.
  • Setting appropriate targets and derive suitable strategies for implementing policies and programme to meet the educational and institutional building needs.
  • Help countries in developing a new vision for institution building by motivating the concerned decision makers in developing the necessary policies for addressing challenges like lack of quality in education, inequality and inefficiency in the overall educational structure.
  • To collect data related to existing educational and training facilities in different part of world in general and developing countries in particular for further transferring the technology of institution building either on a turnkey basis or otherwise.
  • To especially assisting the 3rd world countries in the establishment of universities and educational institutional fir studies, training and research in the area of emerging fields like different fields.
  • To conduct feasibility studies, monitoring programme on behalf of the international funding and developmental bodies, for fulfilling the financial requirements of educational projects in the developing countries and assessing the impact of such investment.