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World Education Mission



To meet the learning needs and aspirations of individuals through the development of their intellectual abilities and aptitudes throughout their lives. Higher education equips individuals to make the best use of their talents and of the opportunities offered by society for self-fulfillment. It is thus a key allocator of life chances, an important vehicle for achieving equity in the distribution of opportunity and achievement;

To address the development needs of society and provide the labor market, in a knowledge-driven and knowledge-dependent society, with the ever-changing high-level competencies and expertise necessary for the growth and prosperity of a modern society. Higher education teaches and trains people to fulfill specialized social functions, enter the learned professions, or pursue vocations in administration, trade, industry, science and technology and the arts;

Contribute to the socialization of enlightened, responsible and constructively critical citizens. Higher education encourages the development of a reflective capacity and willingness to review and renew prevailing ideas, policies and practices based on a commitment to the common good;

To contribute to the creation, sharing and evaluation of knowledge. Higher education engages in the pursuit of academic scholarship and intellectual inquiry in all fields of human understanding, through research, learning and teaching”.


World Education Mission acts as admission counselor for various recognizes universities like: