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With production at 259 million MT, India ranks as the second largest producer of F&V in the world – during 2016-17 India exported USD1.6 billion of fresh and USD1.1 billion of processed F&V.


With output of around 163.7 million MT, India is the largest producer of milk globally and the production is expected to reach 180 million MT by 2020, while dairy development has projected demand to touch 200 million MT.


India is the second largest producer of food grains globally with the estimated production of 273 million tonnes during 2016-17 while India’s export of cereals stood at USD6 billion.


India is one of the world’s largest producers, consumers and exporters of spices. India’s export of spices in 2016-17 stood at USD2.63 billion, a 12 per cent growth over the previous year.


With a production of around 11.4 million MT, India is the second largest fish producer in the world. Marine food processing levels in India currently stand at 23 per cent while exports stand at USD4.7 billion.


India produces around 7.4 MT of meat and around 83 billion eggs annually while its export of meat stands at USD4.1 billion.