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World Education Mission



Academic support refer to a wide variety of instructional methods, educational services, or school resources provided to students in the effort to help them accelerate their learning progress, catch up with their peers, meet learning standards, or generally succeed.

Academic support activities at World Education Mission encompasses a broad array of educational strategies, content development, supplement courses, teacher advisers, and volunteer mentors, as well as alternative way of grouping counseling and instructing the students.

Following are the common forms of academic support provided by World Education Mission:

  • Classroom-based strategies: Teachers continually monitor student performance and learning needs, and then adjust what they teach or how they teach to improve student learning.
  • Outside-of-Institute strategies: Community groups and volunteer-based learning programs, often working in partnership with local public organizations, may provide a variety of programs, such as reading programs for young children, that are connected to what students are learning in Institution.
  • Technology-assisted strategies: Institutions may use digital and online learning applications, such as visual simulations or gamed-based learning, to help students grasp difficult concepts, or teachers may use course-management programs that allow them to archive course materials and communicate with students online. These options may be self-directed by students or overseen by teachers, or they may be provided during the school day or they may allow students to work from home at their own pace.