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World Education Mission

About Us


WEM is a global NGO, registered with Govt. of NCT, New Delhi. and also registered under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Established in the year 2008, Established in the year 2008, WEM is effortlessly working towards its ultimate goal i.e. Ensuring education for all irrespective of caste, creed, and social status etc.


  • To establish or to help establish Universities, College, Schools and other Institutions for strengthening the cause of education by providing didactical facilities from primary and secondary education levels to post-secondary, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels;
  • To act as a collaborator, Developer, Implementer and facilitator for establishing institutions like universities, Colleges, Schools, Centre, Departments and divisions either independently or in association with government or with the public/Private Sector Organizations;
  • To collect data related to the existing educational and training facilities in different parts of the world in general and the developing countries in particular for further transferring the technology if institution building either on a turn key basis or otherwise;
  • To help analyze the national background characteristics, financial constraints, current educational efforts and effects and present conditions of societal development in a country;
  • To help countries establish appropriate targets and derive suitable strategies for implementing policies and programme to meet the educational and institution building needs;
  • To conduct feasibility studies, monitoring programme on behalf of the International funding and developmental bodies for funding the different educational projects in the developing countries and for assessing the impact of such investments;
  • To provide educational and consultancy support for Women educational attainment to reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality and improve the nutritional aspects by designing special formal as well as non-formal educational package for the empowerment of Women;
  • To conduct sponsored as well as non-sponsored research programme with the support of Ministries, department and International Bodies;
  • To publish books, encyclopedias and directories on different topics;
  • To Strengthen the voluntary as well as non-governmental organizations in order to make them discharge the responsibility for the implementation of a positive, social, cultural, economic and educational content bearing projects and programme all over the world;
  • To strengthen Global Education Programme for universalization of education;
  • To advance Indian Culture and Literature, Service of this country for the benefit of our nation;
  • To train teachers and workers in ideals and practice of the true spirit of the education and learning;
  • To grant scholarship to the meritorious students including students belonging to socially backward, financially weaker class of the society and physically disabled students and provide them quality technical education at reasonable cost;
  • To Advance any other object of general public utility.